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Thursday, January 6th, 2011
12:26 pm
Robin Hood Twitter Roleplay

I hope this is allowed here, otherwise please delete!

There is an awesome Robin Hood roleplay on Twitter going on that has just started yet.
It is all fun and they are taking themselves not too serious (just like the show itself).

They are still looking for more members to join the gang to fight the Sheriff and his guards!
So if you want to join, feel free to write one of them and just join.

The roles taken so far are:
  • @RobinHoodBBC
  • @LadyMarianBBC
  • @SirGuy_BBC
  • @AllanDaleBBC
  • @TheSheriff_BBC
  • @SirEdwardBBC
We hope to see you in Sherwood Forest.
Because WE are Robin Hood!
Friday, December 3rd, 2010
12:17 am
Since there is little Guy/Sheriff out there I challenge you to writte something. It doesn't matter if it just a little drabble or a fanfiction with many chapter. You choose. If you don't whant to writte anything just help me find more Guy/Sheriff. 
Paring: Guy/Sheriff
Rating: I'm not very picky with the ratings. Anything goes.
Genre: Romance
Prompt: Temptation
This sweet temptation.
Yes I have cried over you,
but this time I'll just do
what it tells me to.

it just went crawling over me.
Darkening nights I couldn't sleep.
This fear will grow to peace
when everything is done.
Happy like a warm gun,

This sweet temptation,
Oh sweet temptation,
Oh sweet temptation,
Oh sweet, sweet pain

--- David Fonseca

*puppy eyes*

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Saturday, November 27th, 2010
12:48 am

Hello. I have read many great Guy/Robin fics, but there are few Robin Sheriff.

Sheriff is obsessed with Robin, and he knows that Robin loves another.
Paring: Sheriff/Robin, Robin/Other
Rating: R-NC
Prompt: "You are mine!"
Friday, October 1st, 2010
7:40 am
Fic: In the Darkness of the Knight

Title: In the Darkness of the Knight

Word count: 656

Rating: It's not work safe, though you probably shouldn't read your fanfic at work anyway. R-M, not graphic but adult in nature.

Paring: Guy/John

Warnings: spoilers for season 3, abuse, emotional manipulation, and if you squint I suppose you could call a bit bondage but it's more along the lines of imprisonment then intimate.

Summery: The sheriff left Guy to die, but the prince may just be able to give him a reason to live. If you have seen season 3, then you know where the missing scene fits.

Disclaimer: I'm not really sure who owns Robin Hood in this incarnation, but it's definitely not me. I make no money from writing this and it is purely done for my entertainment. No harm to the owners of the copyrights or the actors was intended. All characters depicted are to be assumed to be of legal age to consent to sex according to modern laws.


Guy/Prince John SlashCollapse )


7:37 am
Prince John Slash
It seems strange to me that with the strong homoerotic tone of the whole episode that introduces Prince John in person, that there are to my knowledge no stories that play in the missing scenes along the line many of us were thinking during the episode. So I am tossing this challenge out here formally to correct this shortage.

Since I am still of the opinion that there are never enough Guy slash fics, I have written a Guy/P. John, though it's not great. As soon as I can swear enough at the computer to make the whole LJ cut thingy work, I will share and hopefully inspire better writers then myself to create beter reading material for us all.
Friday, August 6th, 2010
5:25 pm
Hello! I hope this is allowed - it's an ad for a new Robin Hood game. Please feel free to take a peek or delete if it bothers anyone. Thanks!

Age of ValorCollapse )
Saturday, June 13th, 2009
5:12 am

New to the fandom.... but I am ALL caught up. (Finally.) 

Don't get me wrong, I love Robin/Marian & Much/Kate, but I also fell in love with Kate/Robin, and I was wondering if ANYONE could write something sweet that takes place after their kiss by the fire in 3x09 or whenever you want, I really don't care, lol. I just want some Robin/Kate fics to read.

And if anyone could direct me to where I could find some, that would be great since I haven't been able to find any at all... at least none that had them as the focus.

Friday, November 7th, 2008
8:17 pm
Guy Fic - Hope its out there
Having just watched Season 2, Episode 3, I felt overwhelmingly bad for Guy. For all his loyalty, the Sheriff was all set to let him die. So I'm hoping there are some fics out there that have Guy going over to the other side or at least deciding to screw over the Sheriff.

Baring that, I don't suppose anyone would care to take up the bunny? I'm still very new to this fandom and not quite ready to tackle trying to write the stuff I'd like to read.
Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
8:22 pm
Something I've been wondering about but have yet to see

I was wondering if anyone has seen any fics where Robin takes Edward and Marian's advice in "Will You Tolerate This?" and plays the Sheriff's game. I mean, I know it's not REALLY Robin Hood that way, but still ... If someone could help me out with this it would be much appreciated.


Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
6:16 pm
In answer to Kat Lairs request

Much/Robin where Robin is the one who gets jealous, witnessing Much flirting or bonding with someone (woman, or bonus points for another man). Robin gets all prissy and poor Much is confused while everyone else is highly amused.

This is a sort of answer to it xx

Click to read fic

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Thursday, July 10th, 2008
3:52 am
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone new of any saucy robin/marian/guy fics knocking around? I have trawled the lj communities until I could trawl no more. It does not seem to be a popular menage-a-trois or am I just being a bit stupid since I am new to lj. Anyway if there are non that people know of I humbly request one.


P.S. i would just like to mention as a side note as I was lurking around the lj robin hood fandom in it's various guises before I made my voice heard this fandom has some of the friendliest and lovliest people I have encountered. Everyone is all so kind to each other. I hope to become better acquainted with some of you in the future.
Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
12:25 pm
Fic Challenges – Much/Robin
Hi all! Having read pretty much all Much/Robin fic I could find, I desperately crave more. ;-)

Challenge 1:

Paring: Much/Robin
Rating: anything goes
Genre: first time
Prompt: "Don't make me beg"

Challenge 2:

Paring: Much/Robin
Rating: anything goes
Prompt: "This is why I need you"
Notes: Can be a bit schmoopy, can definitely be angsty, but should not be too dark. The line should *not* be used in the actual fic. I do love me some show-not-tell.

Alas, I can't write you anything in return, but I can draw you some RH fanart or even a little Robin/Much comic.
Monday, April 28th, 2008
10:55 pm
Blame - Robin/Will PG
Title: Blame
Author: WildfiresVirtue
Pairings: Robin/Will
Warnings: Slash and oocness and spoilers i guess
Summary: Robin consoles Will after the events in season 2 episode 4


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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
6:59 pm
Fic Request - with an odd pairing.
So I've recently turned my roommate into a fanatic, and one of the first things she commented on was the sheer amount of slash that must be written. After I stopped laughing at her, I confirmed that, yes, almost every character has been slashed.

But she has pointed out a pairing that I have yet to find: Edward/Winchester.

So, does anyone know where I can find Edward/Winchester fic, set either pre-series (not including Edward's wife) or any set in 2x06 (Marian not included)? Or would anyone be willing to write this?

Thanks in advance!


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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
2:45 am
Looking for any Guy/Much Fics
Hi. Another request. Does anyone know of any Guy/Much stories? I've looked all over and found none. thanks
2:19 am
Looking for Robin/Much Fics
Looking for any stories that is Robin/Much, it can be romance or friendship. I've been looking and cannot really find any stories with this pairing or if anyone knows any groups that is towards Robin/Much. Thanks. A_A
Friday, February 15th, 2008
9:45 pm
looking for music vids for Robin/Much
Okay, this will probably be deleted cos it isn't to do with fanfiction but I'm desperate and I can't find anywhere else to ask.  Are there any music videos made for Robin/Much that only have FIRST season footage? I've only recently seen the 1st series on UKTV Gold cos I missed it when it originally aired, and I so love this pairing but I don't want to be spoiled for the 2nd series.

Anyone help? I perfectly understand if this post gets deleted, but any help would be much appreciated!
Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
3:13 pm
Fanfic: A Hero's Hero

Title: A Hero's Hero
Author: Alexiel15
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Robin, the gang, Marian, Guy, Robin/Marian
Summary: One rainy night, Robin and the gang return to camp only to find it ransacked. With the sheriff's men lurking around every corner, where can they go?
Spoilers: Season 1 up to episode 07, 'Brothers in Arms'.
Setting: Between 07 and 08
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the BBC and Tiger Aspect, though I'd give anything to take Robin home...
Notes: Hello everyone! At last i've finished this rather long ficlet based on an idea I had while watching season 1. I know I'm a little late, but at least now I know what all the obsession is about. so sit back and enjoy!


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Saturday, January 5th, 2008
4:07 pm
Need Fic
Can someone please write a Robin/Marion fic that is HAPPY. You know, like if they are married or something after King Richard comes back. Or if Robin didn't go to the Holy Land in the first place. I need something happy after that horrible Season Finale!  Please and thank you!

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3:50 pm
Allan/Will missing scenes (from 2x12/2x13)
I'm dying for some Allan/Will missing scene fic that takes place during 2x12/2x13 after Allan comes back. Just. ANYTHING. I was so depressed we didn't get any scenes between them. It can be slashy (pleasepleaseplease) or just friendship. I'm cool with whatever. Thanks. :D

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